satoshi hirose

This is the first collection of works by Milan-based artist Satoshi Hirose. It provides an overview of his work from the 1990s to 2020.

Using everyday materials such as lemons and beans, his work is known for its poetic expression in which conflicting elements such as wealth and poverty, micro and macro coexist. His work reflects a life lived in different cultures for a long time and his will as an artist to carry on the legacy of two art movements: the Italian Arte Povera and the Japanese Mono-ha.

In the summer of 2020, his solo exhibition,  “Satoshi Hirose: The Earth is Blue like a Lemon” was held at Arts Maebashi. It drew a record-breaking crowd of visitors to the venue. Hirose’s work, which questions living in a complex and contradictory world, is attracting more attention than ever before.

We planned and published this book as a concept book for the exhibition. It consists of two volumes: book I, in which the artist divides his works into six sections and introduces them, and book II, which contains essays, critiques, interviews, commentary on his works, etc. And we housed it in felt bookcases as a “home” for these two books, following his “House Series” in which he creates houses for plants, objects and other non-human beings.

satoshi hirose

■148×210mm, 112pages(book Ⅰ), 98pags(book Ⅱ)

■Set of 2 books in felt case

■Japanese-English bilingual

■Book design by Shin Akiyama(edition nord.)